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Who Is Judi Hladek?

  • Certified Lifestyle Coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Judi Hladek is an expert in the fields of health and wellness with over 30 years of experience helping individuals reach their physical, spiritual, and emotional goals. With an educational background anchored in compassion, Judi was bound for a life serving the greater good of others. Along this journey, she has studied under world renowned scientists in countries as far away as Thailand in order to further understand her passion for complete wellness. Beginning in 1976 Judi owned and operated several fitness facilities throughout the Ohio Valley and surrounding areas during much of her early professional career. During this incredibly rewarding experience however, Judi realized physical fitness is but one piece of the personal wellness puzzle, and began developing a way to better one’s body both inside and out. Using her devotion to physical fitness as a guide, Judi immersed herself in educational resources regarding the human body’s response to an overall healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and positive mental health. Born from this enthusiasm in 1995 was her company now known as The Wellness Bridge. Judi has made various local and regional print, radio, and televised media appearances regarding her quest for a nation built on a foundation of total body wellness. She has also made countless presentations to businesses and health exhibitions on the importance of healthy living. Judi works with corporations developing wellness programs within their companies. Judi has developed wellness programming for physician’s offices utilizing The Wellness Bridge Healthy Lifestyle Training System. Judi’s goal is to help, create a safe and healthy future for our country.  

Who Is Bert Gongola?

  • Bert Gongola is a Lifestyle Coach and Recorder with The Wellness Bridge team. Bert coordinates all aspects of collecting and recording statistic of all Wellness Bridge members, then forwards the information to the CDC for the Prevent Type 2 program. Bert spent 26 plus years as an elementary educator where she also served on various educational organizations and committees.  During this same time Bert was also expanding her knowledge as a Wellness Bridge coach in training with a friend, Judi Hladek. A big believer in mind, body, and spirit wellness, Bert supports all aspects The Wellness Bridge teaches. Like many of us, Bert personally experienced “life getting in the way” and saw her health decline. With the help of Judi and The Wellness Bridge knowledge, Bert has improved her health and well-being to live a vibrant life.   To contact Bert email bert@thewellnessbridge.com

The Advisory Board

Dr. Carol Antonelli-Greco

The Wellness Bridge program is the perfect educational component for treating chronic disease. It aids patients in understanding the why and how of treating diseases such as Type II Diabetes, obesity, Hypertension, and Heart Disease with healthy food.  It promotes the concept that Healthy Food is Medicine, as well as providing the tools that are needed for life long changes in eating to fight and prevent chronic disease.  I have referred patients to Judi Hladek and the Wellness Bridge program  for almost 30 years, and I highly support the work she is doing to promote wellness and save lives.

Amanda Cummins PA-C

Amanda Cummins PA-C lives in Wheeling with her seminarian husband and toddler.  After working in primary care for 11 years at a free clinic, Amanda now works alongside Dr Carol Greco in a large family practice.  She’s passionate about addressing barriers to care among vulnerable patient groups.  She and her husband are active in their local church and enjoy parenthood!  

Of all 50 states, West Virginia has the highest rates of hypertension and diabetes.  While the national average of diabetes is 9%, WV topples in at a whopping 14.5% of the population.  It is not a coincidence that WV also leads the nation in obesity rate.  Coupled with all of this remains the troublesome myriad of social issues including decreased economy and the fallout of the opioid crisis.  As a primary care provider to West Virginians and people of the greater Ohio Valley, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with barriers to improving the health of a patient.  What I love about the Wellness Bridge is it’s practical accessibility.  Judi has a way of sparking real motivation by empowering patients to take a small step toward wellness.  Weight loss and healthy living seem almost unattainable for many of my patients, especially when there are other circumstantial issues that bring stress and chaos into their life.  But Judi has a way of giving people traction and empowering them to take control of little, manageable things- like lunch!  She equips people to own their illness AND their wellness… and really, ultimately own their life!  I believe in the inner workings of The Wellness Bridge.  

Elaine Yantz, RPh


  • Dr. Maria Setlak
  • Jeanne Huffner CRNP
  • Phil Pata II RPh, Diabetic Educator